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Flat tire fix, then ABS warning signal CC-ID24. What's that about?

I took a 700km drive over the last 2 days and unfortunately had a small nail in my passenger side rear tire. Lucky enough the Tire Pressure Warning signal came up while I was passing by a small town in the middle of nowhere and found tire shop to fix that. Shortly after, (10 mins) the orange ABS warning came up and went off. I stopped and checked the tire pressure on all four tires, nothing was wrong, no more leak. So, I started the car again, the ABS signal came on again, then set it off in about 10 mins. I had to stop several times just to make sure no more leaking on my tires. I have 6 speed, no I-drive, the only thing I can get to know is the error code "CC-ID 24". My last nearly 250km going home was full of uncertain and when I finally got back home and phoned the dealer, they said they had no idea what that code was about and wanted me to bring the car in for a check up.

Anybody experienced similar problem? I had a flat tire before and nothing triggered the ABS warning like this time. Luckily, I am still under warranty protection. Will report back as soon as I hear from dealer.
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