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Square Set up: 265 StarSpecs or 275 RS3's?

Can you help me decide between two options for a HPDE-only square set up. So these tires will only be used at the track, but I will be driving on these tires to get to track events (6 hours each way).

My e90 has the Dinan Stage III suspension with Dinan's recommended camber settings.

I have 4 18 x 9.5" track rims. I've decided that I want to get Hankook RS3's at 275/35/18 all around (don't feel comfortable going with R-comps). The problem is that the tires are out of stock everywhere now for the past few months and their ETA is yet another month.

I don't want to wait that long so I need to evaluate alternatives.

1. 265/35/18 RS3's all around (this size is in-stock)
2. 275/35/18 Star Specs all around (the Star Specs were my number two tire choice after RS3's)

I think the RS3 is a better tire for my needs, but shouldn't I run the widest tire I can?

I'm not sure if it is better to run a bit wider Star Specs versus a bit narrower RS3's. Will the 10mm section width make a difference? Am I better off going with wider Star Specs versus narrower RS3s?