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Originally Posted by bimmerj View Post
I did shop around for an SUV in February. I test drove the X5 3.5d, very nice SUV, awesome hauling power, the only thing I didn't like about it is the "spongy" dashboard. I sat in the RR, did not drive it, played around with the controls. I did not like the inside as much as the X5. I test drove the Cayenne S and bought it right away. IMO It was much better than both cars, with a very nice layout inside. The only thing I hate about it, is where the keyhole is located. Very awkward for me.

I was shopping the RR Lux before we ended up with the 750. The wife actually originally was set on the RR. Thought the interior was better than the X5 and it drove more like a truck.

I then had a chance for some extended time in my close friend's 2012 Cayenne S. I thought it had a better interior and was a much better performer than either the X5 or RR.

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Dealer has offered 4K off msrp for a RRS LUX. Anyone have any experience with RR pricing? How does that sound?
I'm not sure it's comparable, as I'm up in Canada, but RR was a joke to deal with as far as negotiations go. Due to the fact it was what the wife wanted, I went in prepared to sign with any kind of real negotiation. Instead I got offers for after market options or wheels, Sent them an email letting them know we bought the 7 series instead a couple days later.

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Did any of you guys cross shop the evoque?
Too small and too much for what you get imo. Didn't drive it, but it is a long way from a mid to full-size SUV.