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That's too expensive IMHO. I got FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic 35% all around (except windshield) on my E92 for $260. Pinnacle is one of the best tints available, and while I did get a discount because I got a clear bra at the same time, $400 is extreme. Jersey shouldn't be THAT much more expensive than Austin.

OP, you might want to some research not just on the brands of tints, but the different classes (metallic, ceramic, "regular" whose name I can't remember right now) to see what you want/need and are willing to pay for. For example, base tint tends to be purple, metallic tends to have an orange or green tinge to it, and ceramic just has a smoky gray/black look to it. Metallic should also be avoided if you have Comfort Access because it interferes with radio signals; ceramic doesn't, and it has some of the best heat rejection as well. And as you might have already assumed by now, ceramic is the most expensive. Once you find something that sounds like what you want, search these boards and I'm sure you'll find pics of cars that have it installed.
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