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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
In short, the 5D3 is better than the 7D in every way, except in 3 things:

1. Slightly less frames per second (8 fps on the 7D, versus 6 fps).
2. Full-frame. This is better in many ways, unless you want the extra reach provided by the 1.6x crop factor on the 7D. In other words, it's much cheaper to buy a 7D and a 300mm lens than a 5D3 with a 500mm lens. Additionally, the 7D has higher pixel resolution with its smaller sized APS-C sensor.
3. Price. At nearly triple the price of the 7D, the 5D3 is not priced competitively, imo.

Hopefully, I'm not missing anything here...
I was completely unaware of the fact that the 7D wasn't a full frame sensor.