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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post

Are you talking 18" for the 235/265?

A 295 is best on a 10.5" rim, 265 is best on a 9.5" rim. There's no stretching, the opposite actually. You certainly don't want to bulge a R888 or you'll get the "groove of doom"!

Might want to consider the

I run mine like this:

17x9.5 255/40
17x8 235/40

The fronts I run -3.3 camber, rear -1.8

This is all on my Mcoupe
No I'm talking about the OEM 19x9.5 and 19x8.5 rims. So 265 would be very bulged/stretched on the front and 295 would be very bulged on the rear. I could run 235/265 but that's pretty lame since the stock size is already too small up front and the rear could use some more tire to put the power down coming out of corners. I'm running -1.5 front -2.0 rear camber, even toe up front, rest of the settings stock.