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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
The EC-7 is stiffer and able to take more stress than the ARC-8 even though the ARC-8 never had an issue concerning strength and it's been through plenty of serious abuse as well. On the EC-7 this weight is mostly near the center so it has minimal impact on rotational mass, even though its static weight is higher.

As we planned our new wheel we considered the features being requested by customers, the order in which customers prioritize those features, in addition to how our wheels and other wheels like it were being used.

We found that countless racers were concerned with issues plaguing other wheels, and they preferred added strength at the marginal cost of extra weight. It was an opportune time to produce a wheel that could meet those needs/concerns and be a compliment instead of a replacement to the ARC-8.
Thanks, I wasn't in any way implying that the ARC8's weren't strong. I've been pounding on mine for almost 2 years now without any issues