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you forgot that as the time get shorder, it is much harder to get a shorter time on such a short track. from 1:16, I'm willing to bet it would take a tremendous amount of mod, time, and money to get the m3 down to 1:14. maybe it is impossible unless you increase the power somehow.

it's like it would take 200hp more and 150lb less weight for the veyron super sport to achieve another 5mph over the regular veyron 250mph top speed.

Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
I was told he was doing mid/high 1:16's in a GT3 RS 4.0 (pictures on website) and they said the 3.8RS was 1 second off.
I'm not sure of the mods on the cars however (I know the 4.0 was either stock or close to it +PScups) hopefully TopSpeed will chime in to this thread if we keep it going.

Leh sold the M3 to Cicio who works with him @ TopSpeed. The M3 in the video is still very much around Atlanta and it's frequently at track events

Basically stick the cars on a course with long fast straight aways with lots of off camber elevation change and slow 1-2nd gear corners and it would favor the GTR's AWD and massive power advantage.
Keep in mind Roebling is still fast, the TSM One Lap GTR is well over 160mph on the front straight.

Nailed it.

The most important thing I noticed here is how much a docile more "everyday friendly" car like an M3 benefits from aftermarket suspension, and relatively entry level aftermarket suspension at that. A stock GTR can do high 1:18's with 285 squared, but on R-Comps, JRZ and additional 130hp it only gains a mere 2 seconds give or take.