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Originally Posted by MPowerrE92
I'm kinda having the same issue with my 09 E92. I bought it with 46k miles and it still has factory warranty and is also CPO so I'm brining it to the dealer on Monday to get checked out

I was wondering what the oil burning has to do with an improper break in?

Originally Posted by 01'325rip View Post
Hopefully ill be in the position to buy new one day!.

Thanks for all the help guys. I will keep you posted on what i end up finding out.
Your m has Alucil piston sleeves and when you drive the car hard before they have seated properly your oil rings and compression rings dont work as well as they were designed to do and you get slight blowby and oil left on the sleeves that burn during combustion. That is why running your M in the proper way is important, I can feel the difference between my old and new engine. Why this occurs you have to ask the metallurgical engineers that design high performance engines I am not one. This was the explanation of technical department at BMW.