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OP, sound like the GTR is for you. Have you thought about this one?

Originally Posted by strummr View Post
Have you seen the steering wheel from the Cobalt? the plastic bag like material used for the shifter and ebrake boots? The plastic dashpad with fake stitching? Cheap plastic abounds... and it does irk you after awhile, if the flat seats don't enough. I had no probs with the nav/radio... it seems most 'vette owners also complain about the nav as well, but I never used the nav, nor do I listen much to the radio, there's no issue with the engine soundtrack. And only my bikes have given me a more brutal, visceral acceleration experience than the Z06, but normal driving, it feels like you're manning controls to a very heavy vehicle, almost truck-like. (despite it being only ~3170#) The seat in the E92, is truly one of the most supportive I've experienced and I would expect the 'visceral' component to go up after I get the Corsa exhaust.