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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
I was thinking about this a few days back. I have a 250gb portable HDD and was thinking about loading up my music on it and plugging it into the usb in the glove so I always have quality tunes available. Its a pain to plug the iPod in and out (use it in the house/office) so it would be easier to just do that. Anyone running an HDD in their glovebox and does it work fine?
If you end up buying a thumb drive like I did to save precious console space dont get one where the tip slides out of the body without measuring it for clearance with the console lid while extended. In my case I already had a dedicated 32 gig thumb drive like that from my last car and plugged it in only to find the lid wouldn't close. Since I have no other use for the drive I took careful measurments and cut the tail end off while it was extended. Put some tape over the end just to keep anything from possibly falling in and called it a day. Only took a minute and salvaged the drive from being tossed in a drawer to never be seen again but if your buying you may as well get one that fits from the get go.
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