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Thanks for chiming in Mike. This is all great info. I wanted to clarify what I said above, and also make sure I understand the full story in light of what you have added.

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
For cars without iDrive, you will be able to pick your settings for the M button. So if you wanted it to be Sport Plus with Servotronic on Sport with MDM, that's an option, or if you prefer the M button to leave the power unchanged and enable MDM and the tighter steering, that's an option too.
So, to clear up my earlier statements, my assertion that non-iDrive cars don't get Sport+ should have been better qualified. As you say above you can code in Sport+ Power for such cars. My understanding, though, is that the tradeoff with coding Sport+ to a non-iDrive car is that this setting will then also be activated by the Power button on your console. In other words, the limitation for non-iDrive cars is that they only support two Power settings, period. So if you choose to code Sport+ then you lose either Sport or Normal Power. Is this correct?

My preference for the button would be just the MDM mode and the steering (unless you require sport plus). This way the power button can be used if you want that on too, and the steering wheel shortcut only enables features that would otherwise be inaccessible.
At first I didn't understand what you were saying here exactly, but I think I get it. You mentioned above the fact that the M Button can be programmed to leave Power "unchanged", just like an iDrive-equipped car can. So I think what you are saying here is that you could also have it set to leave the other settings - aside from DSC and Servotronic - remain unchanged as well (again, just like an iDrive car can). I.e.:

Power: Unchanged
Servotronic: Sport
EDC: Unchanged
Drivelogic: Unchanged
Shift Lights: Unchanged

(Last three settings only apply where equipped, obviously)

This way, your M button is now just an "MDM and Servotronic-Sport" button. You then just adjust the other things from the console buttons (BC in the shift lights case) as you normally would. Right?

But this begs the question what if you later hold the M button down to program it? Wouldn't the "Unchanged" settings then be wiped out, thus leaving you no way to go back to them without recoding?
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