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Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post

"The 2008 BMW M3 is either a complete winner or a big disappointment. It all depends on your expectations.

If you're looking for a supremely fast, incredibly capable back-road stormer, you won't be disappointed; the E92 is even faster than the previous E46 M3.

If, however, you think the M3 should be more than just speed, you'll be disappointed. After only a few seconds behind the wheel, it becomes obvious that the M3's engineers traded some driver involvement in return for more speed."

There are at least 10 of us who said this was going to be the case... That what defined the last generations of Ms (E36, E46, E39, especially) was not how capable they were, but what made them special. So when you say that a 135i/335i/Z4M isn't an M, think about what makes an M, and remember that just because it has an M badge on it, doesn't mean it embodies everything that makes an M an M.

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