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Originally Posted by DiegoM View Post
Congrats Jaeshim!

After 4 years of contemplating I finally did it too! My ED is scheduled May 4. Though I already have the production #, passport etc. submitted to my dealer, they have not mailed me the contract. Can I actually fly to Munich without signing any dealer contract? It seem like I'm the one following up on paper works.
Hi, congrats on your order.
I ordered back in March (late March), and signed up for July pickup.
I did all credit approval order form and all...and did not get through in the end bcasue there was no vehicle to build.
What happened was they have certain number of allocated M3s they build each year, and for 2012 it was already over. At the time (I'm not sure if you can order 2013 now), BMW USA was not informed about 2013 E92 M3 and was not open for ordering 2013s..

This was the same case either through my local dealer as well as contacting online dealers well known to ED + also popular on this site.

I ended up waiting and all of a sudden ended up picking up an E90 M3 LCI sedan!

But if you got the production number it shouldn't be a big deal, you are in the safe zone i guess. But still contact them, you MUST sign everything before going to ED, and you never know when they can turn you down on your great ED pickup and travel plan...Good Luck!