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Originally Posted by vzmartinii View Post
Wow, so many people out here with M3's you would think they are all rational and think before posting something.

Its so annoying when people say " if they are 18-20 or 21 or whatever daddy and mommy bought it for them" how do you geniuses figure that??!!!

I got my 2011 M3 last year when I was 20, with my money, just because it took some of you guys into your 30's or 40's to get a nice M3 don't immediately assume its impossible to do at a younger age. Hard work pays off, you should all know that by now regardless of your age!
Using all bolded text does help make your point but you might want to also consider using different colored text. Black is boring. I've seen several arguments on here won with dark sage or tuscan brown text.