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Increased Emissions? Pulled codes...

So I've already googled for a few weeks and haven't seen anything that looks just like the codes that I've pulled. I'm considering picking up an Innova 3160 to help troubleshooting but before I do I figured I'd pick you all's brains .

What happened...
The first time I was at about 1/4 tank of gas (not sure if that matters but codes mentioned fuel level so I thought it might be relevant). My car showed a check engine light and displayed "Increased Emissions" on the iDrive display.

I got the codes pulled by a friend at my shop and we reset them at that time also. I'll list the codes below...

After I reset them it stayed away for about 3 weeks and then came back last night. The car seems to run and drive fine but shows the service engine soon light and increased emissions.

Here are the codes that the car showed after the first time it faulted...

279D - Power management, closed-circuit current violation
2722 - Fuel-pressure sensor, signal
27D0 - Fuel pressure control adaptation
27BB - Fuel system, lambda/charge plausibility, bank 2
27C1 - Info: Tank empty on fault entry

After clearing the codes and having the fault come back, this was the only code that came back...
P0175 x2 - System too rich (Bank 2)

I'm not sure if all of these codes were related to the increased emissions but I figured I'd list all of the codes that were shown when we pulled them.

Any idea what this combination of codes would point to? If theres any further information I could provide, please let me know!! Thanks in advance for your help!!

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