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i think gift cards are easy but i think they're SO impersonal. its worse than giving money IMO. its liek saying HEY IM TOO LAZY TO GO FIND U A REAL GIFT SO HERSE A GIFT CARD. you might as well just give money cause at least with money, they can spend it on what store they want. so not only are u sayingyou're lazy.. you're also saying HAH! u can only buy stuff at THIS store. like.. recently.. for xmas.. a friend got me a $25 ITUNES card.. yaa too bad i download all my music illegaly already -- i dont need that 25$ itunes card.. it would have been better of just 25$ cash..

but acutally just i dont like gift cards and money ... impersonal!! impersonal!! for ppl that matter.. put a little effort into it

i always get things when i see it and it reminds me of a certain person. ;]