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Originally Posted by tailgate1234 View Post
The steering wheel vibration is mainly at highway speed, especially around 75 mph. Doesn't matter what the pavement is.

I've had the vibrations with the 18" OEM wheels and PS2s and Sumitomo after markets, the 19" OEM wheels and PS2s and Continental after markets. I've had multiple alignments and balancings, at the dealer and at Dinan, none of which has done anything meaningful. The dealer techs (BMW of Mountain View and Stevens Creek) have gone on rides with me and acknowledged the vibration but have said that it is "normal" and they can't do anything about it. The instructors at the M performance driving school laughed at the suggestion that steering wheel vibration was normal but I have given up and learned to live with it.

I seem to remember that others with 08s on this forum had the same problem at the same speed but it sounds like either they have gotten the problem resolved through balancing/alignment/new wheels or given up, like me.
Wow, I'd definitely keep complaining if it is still under warranty. My 08 had a little vibration above 80mph and a balance and alignment took care of it. Obviously your problem isn't that simple though. Good luck.
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