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Very nice option, I like it. The pro-kit is pretty expensive, but I like it because it seems to have a clean and easy application method. If it lasted 10-15 visits to track, then it would be cool.

The paint bucket approach seems cumbersome. Good price though, $25 bucks!

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There's this option:

Then if you want to get crazier there's this convenient kit option:

Both spray on as something like a liquid vinyl layer, which peels right off as a sheet when you're done with it. I haven't sprayed my car before since I have a clearbra (with plenty of molten rubber spots melted into it), but I have sprayed my wheels black before. It was really neat/convenient as the brake dust just caked onto the wheel, then I just peeled the layer off and everything came right off, showing a completely clean wheel underneath. I imagine it'll do the same when applied to your front bumper.
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