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Originally Posted by bimmerj View Post
I have a feeling the F30 M3 is going to blow the hell out of your M3 lol. In all honesty, your comparison does not make any sense. It is like comparing apple to grapefruits.
Fact is that next M3 will be a blast to drive, but i do not find any purpose or passion to drive the next M.
Honestly, F80 M3 with twin turbo V6/inline 6 will be still slower than the GTR even with DCT tranny.
Then when we are comparing performance wise (which in case makses sense for M cars and so on) turbo to turbo, 6 cylinder to 6 cylinder, DCT to DCT, why get the next M3? I'd rather get the GTR...
I'm keeping my NA is just so sad to see literally ALL lineup for BMW going turbo engines...
Also, after seeing the new 3 series, this E90 M3 is one and only BMW M car i will ever buy... E90 NA 6MT RWD is the definition of true sports car.