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Originally Posted by David 12 View Post
Amen brother, I live in Omaha and the drivers here are notoriously bad. I will say this though, I do get a lot more respect in my Porsche than I did in my BMW (as far as people moving out of the way in the left lane).

The major problem people have here is that they seem to drive with blinders on; oblivious to all other cars on the road. And it does seem like the women in minivans are exremely aggressive.

Unfortunately, it's not going to to change so it's best to drive during off-peak hours.

Good luck!


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Ps. Did you get your M3 through Markel?
Right on, Dave. That's interesting about the Porsche getting more respect. I purchased my car through Pentagon Car Sales in Germany. Markel just took delivery and did the prep. They did pretty good though. Brad (manager) made sure I was taken care of and was very easy to work with.
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