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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
I think the license plate urban legend was started back before insurance companies all had exclusions to track driving. I don't think my insurance company cares if I wreck the car at the track because they're not liable.

As for taping up our car...maybe use some shelf paper or even spray some plastic dip on the front. There are other spray bras as well. Anythings got to be better than taping strips all over it.

Which NASA region were you with North East? NASA regions are all a little different so keep that in mind as you travel to different tracks. MidAtl is a great region but their HPDEs are often shadowed by racing.
NASA NE, yep!

Painter's tape is perfect, it's cheap, easy to take off and put on and doesn't affect the paint.

As for spray bra, have you used it? If so, what brand and where did you buy it? Sounds interesting, didn't see anyone mention or use it on the track.