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Originally Posted by jateshk View Post
dealer accidentally left it no reserve. But if every dealer sells a car for 3-4 less than what they paid for it they would all go under. No way your gonna get it at that price esp since its a pirvate dealer and not a big name.

Good luck. But keep searching. you will find a better deal out there.
If it were as simple as that I would have some sympathy for them. Whether or not it is actually true, I feel like every time I turn around they're feeding me lies. It seems like no matter what, they are going to extreme lengths to do whatever they can to make money off me regardless of the fact that they screwed up.

If you can find a better deal than a 2008 M3 with 26k miles and Dinan upgrades for $33,700 I'd love to see it. Although, if you factor having to deal with Autodynamics into the price, then you're right, there are tons of better deals out there.