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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
Your acting like the M3 is so high class. Please..

Save that talk for exotics.
I never said it was an exotic, just not a cheap car since they are around $70k new. Granted, some places have a lot more than others, but they are generally places where there are a lot of possers who feel the need to present an image of success and wealth and this requires them to drive an expensive car regardless of whether they can really afford one or not. And these are generally places like CA which is a state where a large percentage of people are highly in debt, most city and local governments are highly in debt, and the state it self is highly in debt. In most place in this country people are more fiscally responsible and conservative and aware that living a lifestyle you can't afford eventually catches up to you.

I can tell from some of the responses of people on this thread that some of them really shouldn't be driving an M3. If my comments bother anyone, it's probably because deep down they know I'm true and they fall into the category of someone who really can't afford an M3.