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Originally Posted by LSBLURR View Post
Oh Im sorry guys, I was just wondering on why the hood went from $1100 to 2k in price, but I guess is not the same white hood that I saw in CL, and yes I have a M3. GLWS
You should not apologize...
We need more people like you on this forum...
As a "somewhat-noob" on this forum, I look for people with more experience and knowledge than me to call out over priced stuff among other things

Originally Posted by mrbenzzamg View Post
No clue what your deal is but people like you ruin these forums for everybody, you assume and make facts of things you know nothing about. You have been a member on here for less than a year and 23 of the 36 threads you have started are FS threads. Are you scamming people? Are you mad you dont have a M3? Do you wish you had Arkym parts? Do you have Napoleon complex? .
OP... Sorry for the thread jack...

But he didn't just make up number... he expressed a legit concern about the price backed up a legit hyperlink...that other users have verified…

i don't think "name calling" is in order... this combined with the fact that I don’t think you know what a "napoleon complex" is (sorry, had to get that in there )

Use your "other" words just tell the rest of us why your item is worth more than the one on CL… case closed!
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