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Originally Posted by lutfy View Post

At 10, the rotors were GLOWING red according to some of the spectators. I think the braking system (while big) does not feed enough air hence the issues. There is 0 ducting from the factory to the rotors.

On the streets, the car is AWESOME. On the track, while its very fast, I am not terribly impressed. with the brakes. Once you start braking 9/10ths, it gives up the ghost. You gotta be around 8/10s to make it last.

Agree. Mine performed well with just PFC's, Ti plates, SS lines, and fluid, but the front rotors were literally smoking as if on fire when I pulled in the paddock. And no, I didn't touch the brakes for the trip from checkered flag to paddock. Clearly the car needs some ducting. I think it's more of a longevity issue for staying out awhile though, I didn't experience fade in 20 minute sessions even when they were glowing and smoking.