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Looks really good. So nice to see function over bling for a change. By sizing the tires correctly and with the correct wheel offset and stance of the car, an 18" square setup like this doesn't look small at all. I just saw the brand new Boxster at the New York auto show and was bothered by Porsche's use of 20" wheels on such a small car--the big, open barrels with a relatively small 4-piston brake setup swimming inside look really silly.

It's interesting that you're not getting rubbing by using a relatively aggressive offset and tire width. Most 18" square setups are 18x10" et25 instead of et20, and most use 275/35-18 tires. I don't have rubbing with my 275/35-18 Nitto NT01 track setup, so maybe the Nittos run relatively wide and are roughly equivalent to a 285 Michelin PSS?