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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
The Stoptech rotors will last longer from my experience on my 330. I had a BBK which used the OEM euro E46 M3 rotor which is a similar design to the E90. With that said, you can't be lazy and not switch pads from street to track. If you use track pads on the street, they'll chew up your rotors. The benefit of having the ST BBK is that its x100 easier to swap pads so no excuse.

I wanna say the ST60 kit fits under the rear OEM 18s. In fact I will try and remember to do a test fit on 5/5. I wanna say the front OEM 18s may fit with a spacer from the pics I've seen of the rear OEM 18s over the ST60s.
Sir, yes sir! Pads probably will be swapped. Looks very simple indeed.

Intrigued by the possibility of getting the ST-60 under my 18's..

Originally Posted by Richard@M-World View Post
Vibration could be due to two reasons. 1) pads melting onto the rotor, and/or 2) pad compound incompatibility. I once used Pagid and Project Mu on the same rotor and I experienced quite a bit of vibration.

OE 18s will fit StopTech 380 mm front when used with a 10 mm spacer (5 mm too I believe)

My first set of StopTech 380 front rotors, when used with StopTech Street Performance pads, lasted over 20 track events. The rears still have more than 50% life left.

I typically recommend my customers to try out the Street Performance pads first on the BBK. This combo should be quite capable. If this is not good enough, you can always order some race pads later.

It is perfectly fine to get a front BBK only. I am currently running Brembo 365 front with stock rears. I also have customers who are very experienced drivers use front StopTech only (355 and 380) without issues. Plus, you can always tune the brake balance by using different pads front/rear.

Hope this helps
Thanks very much for the thoughts Rich. I think that it's option 1 -- the pads melted.

That's great rotor life. I certainly wouldn't expect more.

As above, I'm interested in the ST-60 possibility. Any feedback from anyone who has actually run this setup? If I go the ST-60 route and have issues due to fitment, then it's

Probably a stupid question, but any concerns over running 10 mm spacers only up front then?

Thank you.