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Originally Posted by Aries326 View Post
I don't know much about watches and what to expect. For an MSRP of over $7000, I think my watch's second hand is also clunky. Is it even possible to get a second hand on an automatic watch to go around smoothly?
depends what you mean by chunky....

on that watch, there should be about 7-7.5 very small movements every second. You can see them take place. The bigger the second hand is the more noticeable it will be.

Are you referring to the big second hand that's only active when the Chronometer is activate? If so, this is the hand that it will be most noticeable on.

If you want smoother, you need to research other watches that have a higher BPH or VPH (Beats or Vibrations the same thing)

The only example I can think of off the top of my head is the Zenith El Primero movment which has made it's want into many other watch brands along with it's own. It will move the second hand once every 10th of a second and give the appearance of going smoother. But you can still see the slight hesitations as it goes around, just not as big or "chunk" perhaps.

I'll try and upload a video of it activated on mine.

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