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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I understand completely. But as peak voltage in hifi is 5v --> low level 2.8v input; similarly 30v peak eps voltage into 15v input is about the same. Bottom line is that as long as you dont turn the volume knob up the last few clicks, you wouldnt get clipping. I cant be sure it works the same on low level vs hi level but i cant think of a reason why it wouldnt.

One way to find out. Ask andy over on diyma
The HiFi balanced outputs is about 3V AC peak. The 6V is the DC + and -.

The main problem of the EPS system is not that much the 30V peaks on the woofer side. It is the discrepancy between those 30V and the 15V or so of the rest of the speakers. So depending on the summing device used it may induce slight pops thru the tweeters at bass hits.

The Cleansweep summing device and the bit one.1 showed those problems when connected directly to the EPS OEM amp outputs in my initial two installs. That's the reason I ended up adding an LC6i to the bit one.1 so I can adjust the woofer outputs gain relative to the front speakers before the summing, and then input the summed signal into the bit one.1.

Now I just go directly to decoding and avoid all this patch work.