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A soggy Sunday with NASA at NJMP

Had a good time at New Jersey Motorsports Park's Lightning circuit with arter, SROC5, and others last weekend. Saturday was sunny and warm, and Sunday 20 degrees cooler and pouring rain. Sunday was a good opportunity to work on smoothness of all inputs--cornering, braking, and throttle application. I put my street setup Michelin Pilot Super Sports back on for the rain and ran in S5 with MDM on. A smart move, because stability control intervened several times per session and I was triggering ABS in hard braking zones. Here are a couple of videos showing dry Saturday vs. rainy Sunday--you'll see my times were off by 15-20 seconds per lap and my speeds by 20-30 mph on Sunday.

Saturday sunny and dry. (Sorry for the dark images on the front straight--the camera was struggling with the low sun late in the day.)

Sunday rainy and cool.