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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
If your system is coded to HiFi, you can go straight into an amp. If its coded for Individual Audio/EPS or Logic7/HarmanKardon, you will need MS-8 or LOC device.
I don't think this is true
Maximum input level on the hi level inputs on the ms-8 is 15volts
Maximum voltage on the underseat subs in the eps is 30 volts
Which means you can't get any bass signal into the ms-8
I guess you could use the ms-8 for mids only
But you'd be at the mercy of whatever the factory high pass frequency is on the mids

You could use a ms-8 AND lc2i
So all the speaker outs go to ms-8
Underseat subs go to lc2i THEN ms-8
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