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Originally Posted by bigjae1976
I went to the track this weekend with a Dinan Stage II, toe links, and 275 square conti scrubs. I think the package overall was marginally better than OEM. Really needs front camber.

Otherwise, I thought the rear end was more controllable and settled. The only time the rear wiggled under braking was when I stomped on the pedal in a violent manner. But it felt planted as long as I was braking smoothly. So not that different from stock.

Quite frankly...would I have spent $2k to buy the Dinan Stage II and the toe links brand new? NO. I don't think it made a massive difference. I wanna say that you're wasting your time unless you upgrade the dampers and get adjustable front camber plates. Can these toe links help? I think so but these would not be a priority on my mod list.
I have s3 and I'd say it is tighter and much more responsive than oem zcp. Putting the toe links on this Monday.