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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
The inspection fee is state regulated. Dealers and most repair places can do it. In addition, there are places that just do inspections. If you've got mods that impact your OBD2 readings, you'll need to seek advice when you get down here.
A friend, who knows far more about these cars than I do, told me that rural inspection sites are not required to buy the computer (OBDC) setup because they usually can't justify the cost with enough volume. The state allows them to do it old school where the tech either passes or fails it, not a computer. So, my buddy takes his M3 with catless Xpipes and tune out for a little road trip when he needs his inspection done. Says never a problem and rarely do they ever even go near the exhaust. I think Texas is more focused on losing federal funding due to high pollution in the bigger cities and not so much in the small towns where readings are never taken for federal standards.

Can someone else verify?