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Originally Posted by j2M3 View Post
I just installed my Trophy's and the directions tell you to start with the closest to the master cylinder and work your way back. Luckily I read everyone's "bleeding" suggestions before following their Directions.

My brakes are soft as well, I went around and bled 1 time. I think it's important to do it at least 2-3 time which is a PIA when you are jacking up 1 wheel at a time. Last week I had a couple "close calls" trying to get my car on 4 jackstands So be VERY careful trying that chit... anyway I just bought a lift for my car so that I don't end up killing myself.
My brakes are also dragging on the rotors, loud as F*cK! The direction didn't mention using anti seize on the brake pads, so I am going to try that out see if it helps. I am also changing my fluid to SRF, hope that will help pedal feel.
How did you have problems getting on 4 jack stands?