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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
1. I'm a member of both. DFW AC is free (just go the site and register). It's a loose Internet based all makes enthusiast group. The membership is interesting and diverse from wealthy guys with the latest exotics to poor students. There is lots of chatter on the website. If you have a question, someone will have the answer or know where you can find it. DFW AC members are into DE's, drag racing, motorcycles, guns, getting together, and lots of other stuff. BMWCCA (not free) is more formal. The site and forum are not very active, but as I said before, the chapter is very active with monthly autocrosses (spring - fall), a couple of DE's a year, and tours. Non-members are generally welcome to participate in BMWCCA events.

2. There are rules about when you should get a state driver's license and register your car when you move to the state. You'll need to look at the TX government sites to find out what those rules are. My guess is that you are fine (for practical purposes) until your Kansas stuff runs out. My experience is that the Texas DPS (driver's license) is painful. The county tax office handles vehicle registration. That's not too bad (at least up in Denton). I'm pretty sure you will have to have a Texas inspection before you can register your car in Texas.

Yeah, no doubt we'll cross paths.
1. I've been a member of the BMW CCA for a while now up here and it is good to know DFW has an active chapter as well. DFW AC also sounds like a lot of fun. I'll check them out once I get down there!

2. I have been doing some reading on that the past few days. Their website states that I need to get my car registered within 30 days of moving, but I don't think it will be a problem if I take a little longer than that.

Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
You will need to pass inspection to register your out of state car in Texas. This includes the smog/obd2 check.
Thank you for the information. Are some places easier (faster, less hassle?) to get an inspection than others?

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I work in the Uptown area and parked my previous M5 and now the M3 in a secured garage every day with no problems. Lots of cars in our garage that are far more valuable and exotic than an M3 and never heard about any problems. Now, parking it out on the street in downtown at night in an unsecured location might be asking for trouble if done too often. I would also recommend Classic BMW in Plano as well. Best of luck with the move.
That makes me feel a lot better about having my car down there. Thank you for the advice!

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Welcome (rock chalk?) As others have said, you'll need an inspection to register an out of state car in TX. Classic BMW is pretty good and Autoscope (independent shop) is pretty good too.

I don't think Uptown is too dangerous but like you said, don't leave valuables in clear sight and get wheel locks if you don't have them already.

Fun things to do aside from bars/clubs there's tons of shopping (Northpark mall, Galleria mall, West Village, Highland Park), there's tons of sports (Mavericks, Cowboys, Stars, FC Dallas), the horse racing track in Grand Prairie, Texas Motor Speedway, exercise at White Rock Lake/Katy Trail, Fort Worth stockyards. There's a lot of different things but DFW is very spread out so you'll be driving a lot.
Rock Chalk all the way! Are you an alumni?

Classic and Autoscope seem to be the only recommended places down there. It is nice to know that there is a good independent shop as well (Autoscope).

I am fairly excited to check out all of the new things DFW has to offer. Kansas City is spread out as well so I'm used to the driving.

Thanks for your help!