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Originally Posted by j2M3 View Post
I just installed my Trophy's and the directions tell you to start with the closest to the master cylinder and work your way back. Luckily I read everyone's "bleeding" suggestions before following their Directions.

My brakes are soft as well, I went around and bled 1 time. I think it's important to do it at least 2-3 time which is a PIA when you are jacking up 1 wheel at a time. Last week I had a couple "close calls" trying to get my car on 4 jackstands So be VERY careful trying that chit... anyway I just bought a lift for my car so that I don't end up killing myself.
My brakes are also dragging on the rotors, loud as F*cK! The direction didn't mention using anti seize on the brake pads, so I am going to try that out see if it helps. I am also changing my fluid to SRF, hope that will help pedal feel.
Stop-Tech directions are incorrect. You should start with the caliper furthest away from the master cylinder and work your way in.

Passenger rear
Driver's rear
Passenger front
Driver's front

Do it thoroughly.