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Nine -

A) Do you realise Gthal makes the same point I did about a -subjectively- better DD before you started with your useless arguments on numbers which really are moot given you clearly cannot add (nor read).

B) Did you even bother to read my last (or any) post (s)? C63 cost of ownership is less for me (at the start as I calculated) given the factors I (and others) have laid out above. Remember, I am in Canada. C63's are much cheaper here and my insurance is lower by ~$300/year. I also pay less interest on the C63 loan.

Gthal is talking about running it day to day, I am talking about cost of ownership. I will probably get worse mileage in the C63 not just because it is 0.6l/100 km worse in tested ratings, (which is ~$90 a year at $1.50/l gasoline given I drive my "fun" cars ~10,000km/year at the most, usually closer to 6-7K) but because I drive it harder than the M3 given its instant gratification.

I am putting this to rest. Let's just agree to disagree.
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