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Originally Posted by Aries326 View Post
We haven't been married too long. 9 years. And she is very sensitive. With her days away from delivering our 3rd child when she gave me the watch, I didn't want to spoil it for her. She was really happy when she gave me the watch. I think she was more excited giving it to me than I was receiving it.

I was thinking of returning it but she mentioned that it couldn't be returned because she had actually bought it a month before my birthday during a special sale at Reed's Jeweler's. She got a great deal on it. She got it for $4800 total.

Since I started following this thread and looking at watches, I'm starting to appreciate the workmanship and design behind these watches. I think the next watch will be a Panera Luminor 1950.
So have you been wearing the watch yet? Sounds like you're starting to like it a bit

It's a nice watch, and they are popular. Wear it for a year, then use it to trade or sell it on a watch forum. Might pay for most of the Panerai.