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Originally Posted by DiscoZ View Post
You really cannot read nor logically reason.

Here are threads for my car and mods being sold:

Additionally, not sure if you noticed, I live in Canada. We use the metric system (on my 0.6l/100km comment which you did not comprehend, is NOT the gas tank).

The C63 costs ~$6K less here fully loaded and I pay 13% tax on everything.

I also pay less insurance on my C63.

BMW Canada doesn't cover brakes. MB Canada does. BMW pays for oil services. In my book, the two are equal; I also changed oil more frequently on my M3 and Z4MC and will on the C63.

Tires: I go to the track a few times a year so any tire will die fast for me, as my Z4MC and M3 tires did. Even if they didn't: $600/year for rears by your argument (discounted in the future for PV) over 3-4 years of ownership doesn't along cover a $6K + 13% difference in present value dollars.

Run the numbers, if you can. I already have. Grow up while you are doing it. Learn how to read before you run your mouth. Helps with getting your foot / feet out of it later on.

In either case, even if you were right... you are right in a construct you have invented (called "straw-man") and not what I or anyone else meant.

Here - a consolation prize for you: I never meant to disrespect the M3. I am so sorry. Now, please stop giving me --and everyone else-- headaches with your utter lack of anything to say but troll.

BTW - Just so you know, I had your car. I still like it. People like you give it a bad name. Sell it and buy a Honda Civic SI. Seriously, please just stop it. For your own sake.
A fully loaded M3 is a good $10-11k more than a fully loaded C63 (PP). I have been buying BMWs since 1989 and this is my first MB. Let me say, I am glad I visited the MB dealer back in 2009.

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