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Originally Posted by Epacy2 View Post
Wearing that exact one right now. I love it. And I don't think you could have all that for the price of the watch. Unless she paid right at MSRP, then still...maybe.
And what does "bought" mean?
"bought" meaning she bought it with my money. When I got the box, right away I knew it was going to be a watch. She told me, "honey, that's why I work, so I can buy you something nice for your birthday." She hasn't worked in 2 months because we just had a new baby and she probably won't go back to full time work for another year or two. All our money goes into two accounts. One savings and one checking (not including the 401k and 529 plans) Oh well, she means well... I do love the watch. Matches the interior of my car.

You're right, I probably couldn't have bought all that stuff with what she paid for the watch. I think retail for the watch if over $7000 and she got it on sale at Reed's Jeweler's for $4800 total.

BTW, how smoothly does the second hand go around on your watch?