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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I think it is now obvious to me, you don't own a c63amg. To say that Tire wear and MPG are equal to an M3, just about nullifies any semantics you care to craft. Oh and, to allude that BMW does not cover brakes, is to use unsubstantiated anecdotal stories to build some sort of argument. The fact of the matter is that the c63amg and M3 are equally priced (base msrp). But the c63 gets worse MPG, wears out tires faster, and does not come with free service. The only real argument you could come up was that the tank in the M3 is smaller than the c63, not enough to prove your point. And not enough to mount your high horse.

When you engage in discourse, you can't just walk away and quit, well you can, when you have failed to prove your point. Even your buddy Hot|Ice agrees that the c63amg is marginally more expensive, I'm willing to bet he didn't want to post that it was more expensive since he hates agreeing with me.

You really cannot read nor logically reason.

Here are threads for my car and mods being sold:

Additionally, not sure if you noticed, I live in Canada. We use the metric system (on my 0.6l/100km comment which you did not comprehend, is NOT the gas tank).

The C63 costs ~$6K less here fully loaded and I pay 13% tax on everything.

I also pay less insurance on my C63.

BMW Canada doesn't cover brakes. MB Canada does. BMW pays for oil services. In my book, the two are equal; I also changed oil more frequently on my M3 and Z4MC and will on the C63.

Tires: I go to the track a few times a year so any tire will die fast for me, as my Z4MC and M3 tires did. Even if they didn't: $600/year for rears by your argument (discounted in the future for PV) over 3-4 years of ownership doesn't along cover a $6K + 13% difference in present value dollars.

Run the numbers, if you can. I already have. Grow up while you are doing it. Learn how to read before you run your mouth. Helps with getting your foot / feet out of it later on.

In either case, even if you were right... you are right in a construct you have invented (called "straw-man") and not what I or anyone else meant.

Here - a consolation prize for you: I never meant to disrespect the M3. I am so sorry. Now, please stop giving me --and everyone else-- headaches with your utter lack of anything to say but troll.

BTW - Just so you know, I had your car. I still like it. People like you give it a bad name. Sell it and buy a Honda Civic SI. Seriously, please just stop it. For your own sake.
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