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Originally Posted by THE TECH
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Regular soaps will cause the rotors to rust up and then sling orange dust all over the wheels the minute you start driving. I'm not a fan of Sonax because it smells like crap but P21s wheel gel works well and prevents rust on the rotors.
While the PS21 gel works decently, I don't agree that it will prevent rust on the rotors. It lessens it some but definitely does not prevent it.
My post might have been confusing. I didn't mean the P21s will prevent rust if the wheels get wet again from rain, it prevents the rust from forming on the rotor during and after the wash. If you use a regular shampoo, it typically causes the rotors to rust. The P21s is better then decent but it has to be agitated with a brush rather than sprayed on and just rinsed off.
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