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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
1. Join DFW AutoClub and ask question #1 there.

2. Inspection is yearly. It's an OBDll read plus a safety inspection. You get 2 years on a new car.

3. There are 4. None are great. Most people are going to Classic up in Plano. Pat Arnold is the M guy. Again, ask on DFW AC. Lots of BMW guys on there. There are some good independents such as Autoscope which has 3 locations and is a Dinan dealer.

4. Look at the Area Events Forum on DFW AC. You'll want to attend Cars & Coffee at least once. It's the first Saturday of every month at Classic BMW in Plano. DFW AC meets every Saturday morning up in Frisco. There's a big club scene, if you are into that. Ask on DFW AC. There is a large and diversified membership from really old guys like me who know nothing about the club scene to much younger guys who know pretty much everything about it.
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Just a bit more: Looking at the DFW AC site you will see that there are plenty of "car" hobby events in the DFW area. You might also want to look at the BMWCCA Lone Star Chapter site. They are active in autocross, DE's, and tours. Depending on you interests, there is plenty going on: Several museums, symphony, ballet, plenty of live music (the University of North Texas in Denton has a huge music program). Then there's pretty much all the professional sports.
Thank you very much for the information!

1) Thanks for the tip about the DFW AC. Are you a member of the BMW CCA as well? How would you compare the two?

2) Since my car was new last July I guess I have another year before I need to worry about this then. BTW, are there any tricks to getting through the DMV faster? I know the tips that make it go smoothly here, but I am wondering if it is different there. I guess I could just ask DFW AC at a cars & coffee.

3) Thank you for the direction on Classic BMW. Our dealer (we only have one) is not great either, but my SA is a good friend of mine. Needless to say he takes care of me there.

4) Again, much appreciated. I am not interested in the club scene really, more just getting to know the city and its nightlife outside of bars/clubs/etc. I have noticed that quite a few concerts roll through DFW. I am big music fan so I am excited for that to say the least.

I guess I'll see you around once I get down there. Thanks again!