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Great pictures--thanks for posting all of them. You even managed to get my car in the paddock (Interlagos Blue E90 M3 #98) as well as arter's newly-supercharged car (MC Blue E92 M3 #55) and SROC5's black E92 M3 on BBS CHs.

Was that Aaron Povoledo driving the black #26 VAC E36 on Sunday in the rain? Whoever it was had amazing car control. I was watching cars negotiate the left-hander after the bridge and the black E36 was nailing that turn every time, drifting in a controlled and consistent manner at track-out, and then power down on the chute toward the lightbulb. Great stuff! In contrast, a Corvette plowed at that turn every single lap, understeering into the mud off the track, and then scrambling to get back onto the asphalt without hitting anyone. Also consistent, but not good.

I was also checking out the stripped, race-prepped E92 M3 #777 running HPDE. First one I've seen like that around here--very nice. Driver seemed distracted/in a hurry, so I didn't get to ask him much about it.

I'm glad I stayed Sunday for a couple of sessions in the rain--great learning experience. I put my Super Sport street tires back on and ran with MDM on, and tried my best to make all inputs as smooth as possible. Nevertheless, I had plenty of ABS activation and stability control butt-saving.

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