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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Yes & No. When I bought this car, I was serving tables, washing dishes, taking orders at the restaurant. I was making OK money as a restaurant manager but definitely wasn't enough to afford M3. I could have bought it maybe, put 0 down, pay $1500~$1800 a month but I'd had to eat instant noodles everyday I started modding slowly then my first major mod was the M3 rear quarter panel conversion...I loved it. For M3 folks, prolly makes you scratch your head but for a guy who dreamed of owning M3 but without enough money, this was closest I could get to. And things started to work better and I happend to become part owner of that restaurant which ended up ugly but during that 1~2 year I was making decent amount of money but still I couldn't ditch my E90 335i...let's say I was too emotionally attached to this car. First BMW, hard work, friends, ect. I still drool everytime I see M3 on the road, stock or modded but I do love my E90 and probably one of the most unique E90 335i in the world IMO. But yes hopefully one day...MMM
I am in the situation like you. Well, maybe not as good as you since I only got a 09 E90 335xi. I always like driving rwd cars and awd is too boring for me. This is a family car that my parents bought and I only have the "right" to drive it (please don't put a flame on it ) I always consider I am the lucky one who can drive a BMW at my age(21). My dad also got a E90 M3 in China as a family car that I can drive as well and all I can say is, if you want to have a fast car then mod the 335. If you want a dedicated track car then get a m3.

The car is basically the same as Creamiz's but minus the sport package. I have to earn money from part-time(well, 6 days a week of working). Then all of the money went into modding and the amount I spent on modding + the car's price would have got me a M3. However, I don't want to say to my parent's that I want to change the car... Then, the only thing I can do is to work my ass off to mod it and bring its max potential out. Now I am getting the RB turbos in and I think this is the final mod.

For those ppl who bash about "why making a 335 look like a m3, or at the end of the day, a 335 is a 335, a M3 is a M3?". There is something you won't understand unless you go into modding. In my understanding, modding will let me know about the car more and enhance the driving pleasure more and more. It's also a process of exploring the limit of the car. It will "somehow" enhance my driving skills and be safer on the road. For the choice of the look of the car, that would barely be the personal preference.

I have seen countless of people who owned the M3 only drives on the public road. It was such a waste in my mind. When some of the M3 was brought to the track it wasn't the man driving the car, it was the car driving the man (No offense to the M3 owners but just want to say different people have different situations and you can't really bash on anyone's decisions)

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