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** A track report of Mfest VI by The R's Tuning**

A track report of Mfest VI: The fastest M

The set up of our car:
Aero: Varis GT wing, GTS style front lip
Power: Akrapovic EVO full exhaust, K&N drop-in filter
Cooling: Rís Tuning extra engine oil cooler, Rís Tuning upgrade DCT cooler
Chassis: Brembo BBK, Endless N45S brake pads, Moton clubsport, Ground Control camber plates
Interior: Recaro SPG and SPG XL, 4 point roll bar, Schroth 6 point harness, luxury suede sleeping bed
Wheels and tires: (Front) TE37SL in gloss black with NT01 275/35/18, (Rear) CE28N time attack with AD08 275/35/19 *note: I damaged the front wheels so I had to use the spare TE37SLís, we didnít mean to do this weird set up, but thatís all we could do at that time. NT01ís were pretty wear to the lowest setting as well.

Fastest lap of the day: ( I forget the offical laptime so we have to wait until Speedventures posts up the result)
The fastest lap that was recored: 2:00.721
Here you go:

Track condition:
- Dry
- Excellent track surface
- Well-organized track event

- Super hot day. 107F. I melt the buttom of my shoes on the aluminum gas padel.

- M3 with upgrade DCT cooler, extra engine oil cooler, re-located P/S cooler
I have used 3 tank of gas for the entire day. I was doing Speedventure run group and Mfest advance run group, so I did all the sessions back to back which was 50 min straight without cool down lap during the day. The result was as good as we expected. No overheating on anything, drove to the track, drove back home. The only thing missed was the front lip.

- Vorsteiner GTRS3 M3, More detail of the car:
I test drove my customer's car for a session in the afternoon, I was only able to do 3 hot laps, then the car went to limp mode due to engine oil overheating.

Problems I had last year
Here were the problems I got last year at the same track and a bit cooler day. Thatís before I had any cooler to the car:
DCT oil overheating:
Engine oil overheating:

Quick-fix of the P/S steering cooler:

Here's how I would rate the parts and the whole set up I ran that day.

- All the coolers. Without them, I wouldn't have so much fun. I guess I would have been doing cool down lap in every 2-3 laps.
- Moton Clubsport. We could be able to dial the suspension for mixed R-compound and street tires. What a master piece.
- Varis GT Wing. We did 2 adjustment and I was able to do full throttle on all the high speed corner at the track.
- Towel. It prevented the P/S spill out. LOL
- Akrapovic. Noticeable exhaust tone when tracking so I didn't need to look for the rev, but also comfortable/ drone-free during the 12 hours drive to and from Las Vegas.
- Reliable. 3 and half of hours in a 107F track day, solid.
- Smooth power delivery.

- The NA S65 engine wasn't rev-happy during hot days. I could use 5th gear on the front and back straight of LVMS in the first 2 sessions when the temp was 80F outside, however, the car couldn't even rev up to redline of 4th gear later on.
- Lack of straight straight line performance. A CTS-V saw me struggle behind trying to pass, so he gave me a point-by in the front straight-away, then I full throttled it but he got back on gas again right before I could pass. It was embarrassed. There's 2 car length by the end of the straight.

It was nice to meeting everyone at Mfest.
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