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Originally Posted by Adriansideways View Post
Next time, buy your M3 new and run it in the way they say. My first E90 I baught a demo with only 1500miles on so I figuered its new! That car consumed at least 1,5 to 2 bottels (1L) between services. Milage varied between 17-22000 km according to service indicator. In my new e90 M3 may 2011 I ran the car in the way BMW recommends very painfully an with difficulty. Part throttle and not exeding 4000 rpm I found very difficult but I did it! Now it has 17000km on and I topt it up once while running in 500ml and it seems it stoped consuming oil all together! The other thing I noticed is the engine is more responsive and seems slightly stronger than the old one. (It has 10hp more on dyno) but the old car was dynoed 3 years ago so not 100% because not back to back, however as I said the car feels much stronger and seems to not use any oil!!
Hopefully ill be in the position to buy new one day!.

Thanks for all the help guys. I will keep you posted on what i end up finding out.