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Originally Posted by ROAD EAGLE View Post
yezz what a kid you are..When I said go focus on your post is cause everybody else was giving YOU (the person who put the post in the first place) great replys on what the subject was ment to be and you still took it the wrong way...I apologized, and you still keep being sarcastic. It seems that you have you manners up your ass man!

You leave a bad feeling at the end of the day on what a great experience this was going to be checking out interesting post around's just a post Lucid...don't take it so personal...oh! that's don't like people giving you stupid I am..

Look man, if you want to come across as being sincere drop the condescending language and play along, and I'll believe that you are not being sarcastic yourself in your apology. You've made condescending remarks in every single post toward me on this thread. I'm not your kid, nor do I want your advice on what to focus on, nor do I want you to read things into what I wrote that are not there. If you don't see the problem with those, you won't go very far in dealing with people on-line.