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I bought my 335i there on the last day of 2009 and I was the last customer (9pm on new years eve). They bait and switched me on the loan details, explained my credit was not at all as good as they had hoped in front of a family waiting for their car to be completed. As I left, I gave it full throttle getting onto the freeway and it was hiccuping and wheezing, all messed up... then my drivers side door wouldn't unlock with my key fob, had to manually do it.
Found out later the car had previously been chipped with a pin-out chip or something, because the ECU had bent pins that weren't contacting the female side. Rusnak didn't do a single thing about anything and I had to take it to Pacific BMW in Glendale. Not any better there, but at least it's closer to my house.

Long story short, it's probably the least appreciated BMW dealer in the LA area in general. Rusnak Porsche has similar complaints all around. Just not a good spot.

Having left the dealer, you're pretty much up the creek. They literally have zero obligation to you to do anything at all. I think your biggest challenge is going to be remaining level-headed about the ordeal, and your second biggest challenge is going to be bringing up unrelated issues you're upset about (top off oil, etc) that will make you come across as someone looking for a handout. If you stay focused on the lip, are firm but friendly, and promise to escalate the issue if they don't take care of it because if they were in your shoes they would do the same, you'll have a better shot.

The GM there called me on a Sunday when I went off on the dealership in my CPO follow up survey. I think he cares if it gets bubbled up to BMW NA.